Jason Rosen's birthday project


Hi Honor Society fans! Jason’s birthday is soon, as always, we are doing a video for him.

How to participate?

* A video, photo or photo montage. For the video : QUICK ! Less than 10secs or we will not be able to put you on the video. 

* Don’t forget to tell your COUNTRY on the mail AND the video/picture!

* EVERYONE can join us! Not only Europe ! So spread the word!

* Send me your participation at: HSFrenchTeam@gmail.com and ONLY here!

If you have any question; @HonorSocietyFR or @HS_Spain - we are here for you!

IMPORTANT:  I’m gonna make a list with all the people who wants to be in this video, so if you wanna be a part of the project, please, tell me so i can put your name on the list and i can tweet you in case you forgot about it.

DEADLINE:AUGUST 31! Please, don’t wait the last moment (mostly if you are in America/Canana, because don’t forget we are in Europe, so there is a time difference).

Now… SPREAD THE WORD and don’t forget to tweet me if you want to be a part in the video!

- @HonorSocietyFR and @HS_Spain

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